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Rail Transportation

If your goods suffer from aerophobia and there is no way to drag them on board of a plane, then we suggest you to take advantage of railway transport. Russia is second to the USA in the length of railways and freight turnover by railway transport. Moreover, rail transportation is the most popular type of goods transportation. The reason for this popularity is an affordable price for the delivery of goods of any type. It’s also ideal for organizations that are interested in regular shipment of goods.

There are neither potholes nor police inspectors, that’s why you can always accurately calculate in advance the time of arrival of goods. The goods can be of any shapes and sizes, you just need to choose the most suitable type of carriage. 



About company

«Nord» is a full-service forwarding company. We professionally carry out the international transport of goods of any complexity. We are the kings of all roads in any direction, on the water or in the air, on highways and off-road.