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Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation is when one shipment is delivered using different types of transportation on the basis of one contract. In fact, almost every freight transportation can be called multimodal. For example, for maritime transportation, you must bring the cargo to the port first.

Why is it good? It’s good because all of the transportation is done by one company instead of several. It means that only one company is responsible for all the technical details of the shipment. You trust us with your shipment, and we handle it at all stages of transportation.

"Order on water, on the ground or in the air" - this is the slogan tattooed on backs of all our employees. Multimodal transportation is very flexible in route preparations, and you will always be kept abreast of all movements. 



About company

«Nord» is a full-service forwarding company. We professionally carry out the international transport of goods of any complexity. We are the kings of all roads in any direction, on the water or in the air, on highways and off-road.