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Air Freight 

Airplanes are always first… © Russian song.   

Air freight is the fastest type of goods transportation, that’s why air transport services are becoming more popular. Air freight allows for the delivery goods to the most remote parts of our country. Air transport can be used for shipping a variety of goods and cargo. 

What we offer:

  • Affordable rates
  • Air goods transportation
  • Goods preparation for air transportation
  • Registration of all the shipping documentation
  • Assistance in obtaining certificates and other permits
  • Monitoring and tracking of the location of the goods shipped by air
  • Customs services, which include customs clearance and customs consultations on all your questions;
  • Delivery of goods to the door of the recipient. 



About company

«Nord» is a full-service forwarding company. We professionally carry out the international transport of goods of any complexity. We are the kings of all roads in any direction, on the water or in the air, on highways and off-road.